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Video Ga Ga

Hey, So I thought it was about time I gave a little update as to whats been going on.  All the Filming for new single "Tears" has been finished for awhile now but the problems been finding decent video editing software. To be honest it's been a total nightmare, having tried three different programmes and started work they all let me down with major flaws mainly skipping and jumping really badly meaning it was impossible to sync and get accurate timings needed for a music video and I had to scrap the work I'd done.  Then i've had the pleasure of going back and forth with emails to these companies to get refunds. But all this messing about means I've kept losing all the  work i'd done and had to start from scratch. Not someone to give up, I've just purchased my fourth video editing software and later tonight will start all over again, so please keep fingers and everything else crossed that this baby will run smoothly this time, hopefully it will