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Music Distribution...It's a Steal.

I thought I would write a little  update as to what's been happening and to also give warning to anyone who uses an online music  distributor  to get their music on platforms such as Spotify, Apple etc. I'd been with Tunecore for 15yrs, they were great in the beginning, the founders, two of them, bent over backwards to personally  help artists/bands get there music out there but then they eventually sold the company and....well, as with alot of these situations the rot set in and the more the company expands the deeper and wider the rot spreads.  Those who've followed me over the years will know that after losing my brother and sister in 2015, music and life came to a standstill, I've been struggling to get my arse in gear but recently signed back into my Tunecore account only to see that I'd been blocked from withdrawing money from streams, sales etc.This is the only message shown:     " Withdrawals on this account are temporarily being held, This may be due t