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Runnin On Empty...Again?

Hi  For those following my journey so far, you might already know the story? In which case feel free to depart and head back over to Facebook.... for those who don't?  This is what's been happening since the last Album back in 2011 & the reasonings for my musical absence and the decision to release 2015's E.P  Runnin On Empty properly......Sitting comfortably?  So the first album "Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody" took 5 yrs to make due to a combination of poor health including Myalgic Encephalomylitis, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis & also finance, but with some motherly support and selling my rap/hiphop vinyl collection  it was finally released mid 2011 & I spent the rest of the year promoting it.  I was still constantly writing and already had enough material for another album and so the recording process continued in 2012 and I hoped this time with the learning curve of  the first album I could manage my health better & speed thin