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End Of The Road

       Hi, well this is an update and an au revoir all at the same time. There will be a track release for you to hear on Monday 3rd August "Jus Human" although don't listen to it if you don't like swears  & an E.P release exclusively via digital download  on Bandcamp for £3.99 on the 23rd August which will also include the clean radio edits and then the journey will come to an end.                                  Many years ago when I first became ill with M.E there were those in the medical profession from doctors to councillors who said that I needed to give up trying for a music career because  firstly  I would be too sick to fulfill the criteria needed to be a music artist and secondly the stress of that life style would only worsen my condition.  Now from the moment  I slid  into the world and was able to use my lungs I sung and never shut up, just as soon as I could hold a pen I wrote songs worked hard and never lost the  hunger and passion to su