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Music Starts With An H Pt 2

Following on from Pt1 I’ll be looking at another of the extremely questionable “opportunities” or  “Radio Ready Rubbish” as I prefer to call it, and explain why you shouldn't make the boob of paying for such a useless service.  Everyone seems to be jumping on this money making bandwagon, even the companies I once deemed good….all  respect goes out of the window for any outfit that has this on their list of services because In my experience and opinion, for at the end of the day that’s all it is, it's got nothing to do with preparing artists or helping them as the spin often states, its purely another money making exercise to benefit the company NOT you. Each company operates differently but basically  you pay money and they play a song of your choosing, so for $10 –its played to 100 people, $25 -1000 people, and so on.  Music fans are encouraged to sign up to take part, and in return they are often offered a reward for reviewing your track, each track they review

Music Starts With An H Part 1

                                 The way I see it, Music is about   doing your Homework and Hardwork ,  nuthin comes easy and as an independent band/artist   it can seem like someone’s waiting to pounce at every corner claiming to make it easier if you just.... Give us ya Money, Give  Us Ya Money. .... GIVE US YA MONEY Unfortunately it’s the one thing most of us don’t have a lot of to play with.  The one thing we can be sure of is our love, passion, commitment and determination …okay that’s four things, but  its these things that companies often prey on, making you believe if you don’t pay for their services & just remain on the FREE package then you won’t be taken seriously as a musician, they’ll go as far as making you feel like an amateur with no hope of making it …unless of course you pay…..& in most cases you even have a choice of packages rising in price  . BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD,  or words like PREMIUM,  VIP, or STAR PACKAGE.   Over the coming wee

Women In Rap/Hiphop & The Wet Fish Of Awareness

So the other day I posted on Twitter that I would no longer be uploading trax to radio stations by chance of getting played, or magazines in the hope of a review, and said I would explain why in a blog…this is THAT blog. For those few radio presenters, Dj's, & Music journalists that have been supportive from the get go and dare to be different, I have nuthin but luv, thanx, appreciation and admiration at your gusto and look forward to continuing sharing each others journey.   Eve? Missy Elliot?  Lauryn Hill?  Jean Grae?  Where are they? Well, still making damn good music that’s where, like thousands of other female rap/hiphop artists  worldwide, not that it’s that obvious seeing as they don’t get  the respect or amount of coverage they deserve. The other day, it was like I was suddenly smacked  around the head by the wet fish of awareness,  if these amazing women  haven’t been enough to shake  up this male dominated genre, then us mere mortals haven’t got a ….a