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Tha Story Behind "SAY"

 W ith the new followers I’ve had over tha past few weeks on various social & music websites, have come emails about tha “Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody” album Track  “Say Ft Watford Gospel Arts Manna Choir”. It’s quite ironic considering it wasn’t even going to go on the album originally .  Whilst I thrive on mixing up genres, not everyone shares my enthusiasm so I wasn’t sure that tha same people listening & lovin trax such as “More Wanksta Than Gangsta” would feel as much luv for “Say”…turns out they did and still do…..Phew! S o I thought it might be cool to share with you how tha track came about in tha first place….sitting comfortably?.....Then I’ll begin……… I’ve always been quite a tough cookie, I’m not talking “I’m ard” kinda tough,   but just how where you grow up, how you grow up and tha things that happen to you can shape you, even if its not tha shape you necessarily wanna be, its more about survival, you become who you have to be to survive.

Questions & Answers number 4

Thanx to everyone who sent in questions, this is tha 4th time i've done one of these and you always find things to ask, so without further ado, here we go, hope you enjoy it :) xxx What’s your idea of a great night out? I’m a recluse, so a gr8 night in alone LOL!   Do you read? & what’s your fave books? I subscribe to Yoga Mthly, and while I may not attempt the physical poses, there’s still plenty to read. As for books, I luv tha author Richard bach who wrote Jonathan Livinston seagull, I have most of his books and even a signed first edition of one. I also have most of Mitch Albom, author of the five people you meet in heaven. My fave book of all time has to be  What Dreams May Come by Richard Matheson, I have tha 1981 version, Unfortunately I lent it out and it came back tea stained and dog eared,but I wont part with it. They eventually made a film of it starring Robyn Williams but I refuse to see it. Friends said it disrespected the original massively, turnin

Singing In Chilly Underpants Leaves Me Cold

What an earth is it with all this vocal gymnastics? It used to be limited to a mainly USA thing but now its everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I cant sing ….. no, really, I cant sing. That might be a funny thing for a music artist to say but I’ve always been upfront about my abilities….or lack of them. I’m even walking on dodgy ground when it comes to rapping. I’m a songwriter who gets away with recording songs, end of……phew so that’s cleared up then. But vocal gymnastics seems to be on tha increase, in fact its gone into overkill, every singer, male and female seem to think their Christina aguilera  when tha truth is it takes great skill to be able to sing like that & very few people can pull it off well, so its getting on my wick to be honest. Recently I’ve been watching tha TV show “The voice” and they’ve been coming out one after tha other like lemurs commiting mass suicide sounding as if someones poured a bag of ice cubes down their underpants, some of tha oooooo

My Review On Shameful Music Review Scheme.

I want you to imagine a mega large siren going off at this point and “AVOID” flashing in neon coloured lights. I’m talking about Reverbnations newly “paid to get reviewed” offering, I cant holla enough at how much this is just a money making  (theres   NOT yours) waste of time. This kinda thing isn’t new, Its been around for some time and unfortunately there will be new & gullible artists taken in by it, but its an absolutely rubbish method and you’d be better off asking some artists of the same genre as you on your music sites or social networking feed to give you an honest critique, it will be free and you can offer to do the same for them in return if they should want it. I was horrified when I saw Reverbnation was going down this money rip off route and I did tell them so. There’s another outfit called Music X-ray who offer the same thing, in fact everything Music  X-ray offer is questionable. But back to this review rip off scheme that comes disguised under vari