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When Trust Breaks Down?

  Hey  😜 so the last post for a while and certainly the last one on this topic before I disappear for a bit, I just wanted to update you out of love & courtesy 💜. S adly there will no longer be the imminent comeback or single release that I'd posted and teased about back in May,it will come but just not now, believe me i'm as gutted as I know some of you will be, having waited patiently in anticipation , I just hope you know how sorry I am? Okay, where to start? There's no real blame, just different values and expectations. Having always worked in a pro environment I'd chosen what I thought was a local pro studio to take on my comeback project, we'd chatted because firstly it's important to share the project and plan, secondly it's got to be something they want to take on. From a personal perspective this was more than just about a project or music, it was about a very difficult journey that led me back to this point after a long time away, I share