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Hey ;) I know things have been a lil strange recently & So I’m hopefully gonna explain what’s been going down. Basically tha bottom line is I hit a crossroads , ya know that feeling of waking up and every days like groundhog day, like running on a hamster wheel an getting nowhere?  & Being ill everyday really is tha mother of all frustrations & while you know there’s plenty peeps worse off and plenty worse things going on in tha world, it really doesn’t help knowing that at this moment in space N time, in fact it kinda makes it worse and  you end up questioning your point, worth N mission in life & try & convince yaself ya not a good for nuthin piece of shit that’s gonna amount to diddley squat like most believed……..even if you still haven’t amounted to anything jus yet. So I’ve taken tha rad step of  changing things up, it hasn’t been easy and it wont be easy, but that’s life and a groundhog existence sure as hell ain’t easy either, so unless I make that