In The Queue?

Well, where do I start? It seems such along time has gone by that I thought I should write an update? Not alot has changed externally or internally but I know that by some way, shape or form I have to come back to Music, it's what I wanted from the moment I popped into the world, it's where i'm happiest...I think?  I'm not sure of much these days, it's been 5 yrs since the passing of my brother and sister and pain has always held me back  from going forward, I hoped that as time went on the pain would maybe lessen or something, i'm not really sure what i expected ?

But what's becoming clear is I'll always be in pain and will just have to find a way to live with the shadow that follows, many do.   Chuck D said something recently that struck a chord, he said that his father had always said something like, when it comes to Life, we're all in a queue and at the end of the day there will be those who fall at the front, if you're still standing?  It…

Runnin On Empty...Again?

Hi  For those following my journey so far, you might already know the story? In which case feel free to depart and head back over to Facebook.... for those who don't?  This is what's been happening since the last Album back in 2011 & the reasonings for my musical absence and the decision to release 2015's E.P  Runnin On Empty properly......Sitting comfortably? 

So the first album "Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody"took 5 yrs to make due to a combination of poor health including Myalgic Encephalomylitis, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis & also finance, but with some motherly support and selling my rap/hiphop vinyl collection  it was finally released mid 2011 & I spent the rest of the year promoting it. 
I was still constantly writing and already had enough material for another album and so the recording process continued in 2012 and I hoped this time with the learning curve of  the first album I could manage my health better & speed things along .


UPDATE: EP Launch Delay

1. Jus Human
2. ToolBox 
3  Give U-Jmoya ft MamaChill
4 .Tears
5. Bus Stop 16
6. The World & His Wife 

Hey Lionharts & Chillsters, apologies on a slight delay with dropping the EP.
The Runnin On Empty EP, will drop  next weekend now and not tomorrow as planned. With everything that's been going on,  I'm traipsing through a thick fog like a fart in a trance, so even with  working my ass off there's no way humanly possible i'm going to get it dropped tomorrow as planned.

There's only one of me...which is a good thing coz the world couldn't handle two i'm sure. I don't have management or anything, which I prefer because I get to control what I do and how and It means I get to have a more personal connection & banter with all of you sharing the journey . But the downside means I have to sort everything myself & while I'm usually disciplined & focused in the main, since my brothers death  I've just lost my mojo & now with the news of …

Oh Poop!

Hey Lionharts & Chillsters, I suddenly had the realisation yesterday that I was meant to release the “Runnin On Empty”  E.P next week and I haven’t even started organising it …

I will be pulling my finger out this week to pull it off…not my finger, the EP. Truth is  my head is so mashed right now it’s hard to think at all let alone clearly. As some of you will know we’re still reeling from my brothers sudden suicide in May, it will be his inquest and his birthday this week so things are still very raw, painful  and very difficult for the family. Tears are still-a-plenty. Then Last week my sister was given the devastating news that she has terminal cancer, we are all praying daily and hoping for a miracle, it’s all too much for the family to deal with but deal with it we must.

In my previous blog “Follow me down to the end of the road” I stated that I would be putting down the Mic for good at the end of August and explained that I didn’t want to drag on and on until I just become so…

End Of The Road

Hi, well this is an update and an au revoir all at the same time. There will be a track release for you to hear on Monday 3rd August "Jus Human" although don't listen to it if you don't like swears  & an E.P release exclusively via digital download  on Bandcamp for £3.99 on the 23rd August which will also include the clean radio edits and then the journey will come to an end.

Many years ago when I first became ill with M.E there were those in the medical profession from doctors to councillors who said that I needed to give up trying for a music career because  firstly  I would be too sick to fulfill the criteria needed to be a music artist and secondly the stress of that life style would only worsen my condition. 

Now from the moment  I slid  into the world and was able to use my lungs I sung and never shut up, just as soon as I could hold a pen I wrote songs worked hard and never lost the  hunger and passion to succeed, So I guess a mixture of stubbornness, delusi…

Step Up Or Step Out

Well it’s been awhile since I did an update so…er…here’s an update. While being creative is a blessing it can also be an absolute mother of all nightmares too and I’ve been rolling around in said nightmare longer than I care to roll, I dont care much for excuses, so I guess I’ve reached a crossroads where it’s time to change things up. If you’re not happy with things as they are then it’s only going to change if you change them, because sure ain’t nobody else going to do it for you.
When I started out it was never my intention to be a solo artist, the dream & focus was always to front a band, and there began the problem, trying to find like-minded people, with the same focus, passion and commitment. It seemed band members could talk the talk, but when it came to action, most of them couldn’t even spell it. I’m often told I’m a perfectionist, and if doing something to the best of my ability and expecting that from others that I’m working with is asking for perfection then Yup! I’m gu…

Video Ga Ga

Hey, So I thought it was about time I gave a little update as to whats been going on.  All the Filming for new single "Tears" has been finished for awhile now but the problems been finding decent video editing software. To be honest it's been a total nightmare, having tried three different programmes and started work they all let me down with major flaws mainly skipping and jumping really badly meaning it was impossible to sync and get accurate timings needed for a music video and I had to scrap the work I'd done. 

Then i've had the pleasure of going back and forth with emails to these companies to get refunds. But all this messing about means I've kept losing all the  work i'd done and had to start from scratch.

Not someone to give up, I've just purchased my fourth video editing software and later tonight will start all over again, so please keep fingers and everything else crossed that this baby will run smoothly this time, hopefully it will and i'…

Update & Info Time :)

Hey, it’s been awhile so as promised here’s a lil update for ya. Things haven't been too great on the health front but you should never let illness define you or hold ya back, just focus on your abilities rather than your disibilities. So moving swiftly on, the mixing and mastering of trax is nearing the end, I’ve had  more setbacks than Twitter followers but I’m  getting there and I’m looking forward to releasing the New album early part of 2015  I can tell you it will be called “Don’t Say Nuthin If It Ain’t Worthwhile”  & will have 13 trax on it, but firstly a single will be released in January called “Tears” and I’m busy filming the video right now.   Although if you tune into Raw Vibes on a Sunday with Nia Visser 7-9pm you may just get to have a sneaky listen of  one or two  trax over the coming weeks.
As well as my Mama  chill merch store I’ve also opened another one under the name of Runnin On Empty http://runnino…

Music Starts With An H Pt 2

Following on from Pt1 I’ll be looking at another of the extremely questionable “opportunities” or  “Radio Ready Rubbish” as I prefer to call it, and explain why you shouldn't make the boob of paying for such a useless service.  Everyone seems to be jumping on this money making bandwagon, even the companies I once deemed good….all  respect goes out of the window for any outfit that has this on their list of services because In my experience and opinion, for at the end of the day that’s all it is, it's got nothing to do with preparing artists or helping them as the spin often states, its purely another money making exercise to benefit the company NOT you.

Each company operates differently but basically  you pay money and they play a song of your choosing, so for $10 –its played to 100 people, $25 -1000 people, and so on.  Music fans are encouraged to sign up to take part, and in return they are often offered a reward for reviewing your track, each track they review is worth point…

Music Starts With An H Part 1

The way I see it, Music is about doing your Homework and Hardwork, nuthin comes easy and as an independent band/artist  it can seem like someone’s waiting to pounce at every corner claiming to make it easier if you just....Give us ya Money, Give  Us Ya Money.....GIVE US YA MONEY

Unfortunately it’s the one thing most of us don’t have a lot of to play with. The one thing we can be sure of is our love, passion, commitment and determination …okay that’s four things, but  its these things that companies often prey on, making you believe if you don’t pay for their services & just remain on the FREE package then you won’t be taken seriously as a musician, they’ll go as far as making you feel like an amateur with no hope of making it…unless of course you pay…..& in most cases you even have a choice of packages rising in price  . BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD,  or words like PREMIUM,  VIP, or STAR PACKAGE.  
Over the coming weeks I'll be giving tips of what to try and more importantly what to…