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Do  you ever have those times where everything  goes wrong?...yep? Good then you’ll understand when I say that’s exactly what’s happening right now Re the video to new track Scratch N Sniff.  So I thought I’d update you….. I’ve reached  mega green hulk like proportions as far as frustration goes. I’d scheduled the video to be done, dusted and released in May, all the filming was done it just had to be edited. I was using Windows Movie Maker  but quickly discovered its  the biggest load of shite I have ever had the misfortune of working with. Growing up  the elders always told me   “If sumthin sounds too good to be true, then it usually is, so don’t be fooled”.  Windows Mover Maker was free   it was already on my laptop, why miss out on an opportunity like this, why pay for some other software when this one was here, free, staring me in the face? Because it seemed too good to be true and I was fooled obviously. The problem is it keeps crashing, it keeps jamming, it keeps

Songs and Nudey Bits

Just the other day when  seeing my lastest Facebook status was up by 1500 views compared to normal , my first thought was “Oh my god how depressing” Probably Not the obvious reaction you’d  expect?   The difference between that post and all my other posts was the fact I had no clothes on, I’m naked in the bath..... you cant actually see anything, well not really, apart from a bare arm holding a  glass of Disarronno, and a bit of  a side view that doesn’t reveal anything that’s likely to get any  pulses  racing. Nevertheless it still pulled in more views than any other posts……..except the one  a couple of years ago of my arse that I used for the cover of   “ I will always Luv U”  my rap twist on a classic, that I did for charity. I thought having the song title emblazoned on my left cheek would be a bit of laugh, and it appealed to my juvenile sense of humour, but again it had a huge reaction, nearly as huge as the arse in