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All Change/No Change

So I’ve been putting this update blog off because when you have M.E its like trying to think through a wall of fog most of tha time. But I cant put it off indefinitely, So, first up is change, there’s been major changes since last year so I best explain. It's been over six months since Tha Studio I’ve  recorded all my trax in so far,  moved, so it’s no    longer local, not for me anyhow, if I didn’t have M.E  maybe I would’ve hopped on a train, who knows?  but I cant.                         This has also meant that trax are having to be mixed remotely and there’s been a number of delays and things coming to a halt. It’s a much harder and clinical way of working amongst other things which is why I’ve never been a fan and probably never will be.  Due to tha new circumstances, tha plan of dropping tha album in July isn’t  going to happen now either, it’s a real shame but not tha end of tha world.  Everything is sent to try us and  while I cant deny there’s b