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Step Up Or Step Out

Well it’s been awhile since I did an update so…er…here’s an update. While being creative is a blessing it can also be an absolute mother of all nightmares too and I’ve been rolling around in said nightmare longer than I care to roll, I dont care much for excuses, so I guess I’ve reached a crossroads where it’s time to change things up. If you’re not happy with things as they are then it’s only going to change if you change them, because sure ain’t nobody else going to do it for you. When I started out it was never my intention to be a solo artist, the dream & focus was always to front a band, and there began the problem, trying to find like-minded people, with the same focus, passion and commitment. It seemed band members could talk the talk, but when it came to action, most of them couldn’t even spell it.               I’m often told I’m a perfectionist, and if doing something to the best of my ability and expecting that from others that I’m working with is asking fo