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On the Comeback Snail trail ?

  Oh boy, when I said I was making a comeback after 8yrs I didn't realise at this rate it could quite possibly take me another 8? Okay so slight exaggeration, but I really wasn't expecting so many setbacks and bumps in the road. Anyhow for those that have followed over the years you'll know I like to be honest and share the good the bad and the ugly part of my journey because for most of us life really isn't a perfect photo off Instagram.  🤣 I've been feeling quite poorly recently, well, more poorly than my usual M.E level of poorly, I've been trying to shift a bit of weight and chewing gum instead of snacking, but yesterday I had a light-bulb moment and checked the ingredients of both  Wrigley gum flavours and was shocked to see they both contained Aspartame. I normally do my best to avoid this because,  for those that don't know, it's been well documented over the years that this low calorie sweetener can cause a heap of problems, although low calorie