All Change/No Change

So I’ve been putting this update blog off because when you have M.E its like trying to think through a wall of fog most of tha time. But I cant put it off indefinitely, So, first up is change, there’s been major changes since last year so I best explain.

It's been over six months since Tha Studio I’ve  recorded all my trax in so far,  moved, so it’s no  longer local, not for me anyhow, if I didn’t have M.E  maybe I would’ve hopped on a train, who knows?  but I cant.


This has also meant that trax are having to be mixed remotely and there’s been a number of delays and things coming to a halt. It’s a much harder and clinical way of working amongst other things which is why I’ve never been a fan and probably never will be. 

Due to tha new circumstances, tha plan of dropping tha album in July isn’t  going to happen now either, it’s a real shame but not tha end of tha world.  Everything is sent to try us and  while I cant deny there’s been a few times I’ve momentarily thought about chucking in the towel, it’s only a thought born out of mega frustration, happens to everyone.

There will however be a single shortly , I’m just deciding when and how to drop it. Due to tha constant frustrations of this business I’ve long been a believer in tha saying “If ya want sumthin done do it yaself”

So I'm  still looking into  video. I drew up my own storyboard and got a camcorder , then realised, how tha hell can I film myself? ………..DOH!    But my friend said her hubby who has filmed other rappers will do it for me, so  if I don’t get it done for tha first single it will defo be for tha second.

As for future recording long-term I’ve decided to also give that a shot myself, not really what I wanted or planned. I like creating, and writing tha lyrics and music, not tha technical stuff, but we all have to do things in life we don’t wanna do and if you want something badly enough then you’ll go through tha sweat N tears to do it. 

I'm not tha type to avoid controversial topics, if there's an elephant in tha room, you wont find me tip toeing around it, which brings me onto the fact that there is and has  always been a class snobbery when it comes to rap & hiphop, which just makes things a tad more difficult.

Most studios are run by middle aged white peeps recording mainly indie N other stuff, other stuff not including Rap & hiphop, & when you go through their demo reels its mainly white middle class kids bank rolled by mummy and daddy, it’s a club, a clique where rap N hiphop are dirty words. I got lucky with Unsigned & producer Shane Shanahan, but it's certainly not tha norm.

Nuthin much has changed from tha time Rap N hiphop was  born and my  luv for it began, I’d get tha  look down tha nose &  “That’s Niggerz music, what you doing liking niggerz music?”  like I’d done something wrong. Being a kid it shocked and confused me, I'd
never thought of music by colour, but as I grew older tha genre divide became even more evident.

When people ask me now what genre of music I make and I say Rap..before I’ve even got tha hiphop and everything else thrown in   out my mouth, I can guarantee you they’ll say sumthin like “Oh you mean crap music” followed by gaffaws of laughter like I’ve never heard it before.

I've defended tha genre from tha beginning of
time and have acquired enough rhino skin over tha years to keep doing so & just laugh it off.  Rap & hiphop, are genius forms of expression where words are key, I could write a book on tha rhyme and reasons for my luv of it, but that would be a whole other blog.

So, yes, while deciding what track to drop over tha  next few months I will also be looking at expanding my home studio  set up  to make it more professional and also looking at some production tuition so I have a vague idea of what I’m doing……..

I've made it this far in life so I must  have a brain cell swimming around somewhere…..time will tell....I may also stumble across  a local set up that shares my love & mindset for Rap & Hiphop, who knows?  watch this space..... 

Meanwhile for those who dont know, Roland have bought out tha TR-8 , anyone who remembers tha 808 should be excited....check out tha video. 
As always thanx to all those rollin  on tha journey with me, Sometimes not knowing what's gonna happen next can be exciting an all part of that journey, Your luv N support is always mega appreciated.

                        Stay blessed
                        Mama Chill   XXX


  1. Thanks for the update (and the laffs!). Just want to tell you that even my mum Margaret (who spends a lot of time being my carer with my M.E.) who is 83 this summer, loves your raps. She likes all sorts of music (like me at 52!) but she always says she knows how clever rap lyrics are, and loves yours. She always gets me to show her your lyrics when we listen to "Don't say nothing if it ain't worth while" etc so she can be sure to catch every word and not miss a thing. So you know you have fans of all ages! Wishing you all the very best for the next step from me & my mum! (Sorry if I've told you all this before - brainfog as usual!) - Joyce <3 XXX

  2. Hey thanx Joyce, luv that, that made me smile, ya know my own Mama luvs rap too, and if i get a radio dedication for her, its usually an Eminem track like Toy Soldiers she wants lol! . You and your mum are obviously open minded and its great that you appreciate tha skill and mindset behind it. I know it has a really bad image, part of that fault lies with a minority of tha rap & hiphop community, but theres media, and also closed mind-sets, everyone has to take a little responsibility.Music shouldn't be about class or colour or age, but sadly it often is. It's heartwarming to know you and your mum enjoy it though and i really appreciate it and your support, so thanx, Big luv N hugs to you and your mum, say Hi from me :) XXX

  3. Hi mate,thanks for the update :) as you already know i looooove your music,as for my Mum,she was the one who said your voice suited C&W,pmsl,anyone got a loaded gun handy ? ;) Keep on rockin' my friend {{{hugs}}} XxX

    1. LOL! well although rap is my chosen genre i do actually write all genres & there is country rap, some call it hick hop, but i cant see myself yeee ha-ing anytime soon :o and yep, you know having your support means everything? Luv N hugs :) XXX

  4. Wow, the TR-8 is pretty impressive. For something so versatile, $500 is not a bad price at all. Sorry that your studio moved. If I win the lottery, I will outfit your house with your own studio. Since I rarely play the lottery, please don't get your hopes up. :-)
    xxx, Doug

  5. That made me laugh Doug :) I'm gonna have to win tha lottery myself to get everything done. I do think everything happens for a reason, so as hard as it is right now, i've just got to trust that sumthin better is gonna come along, Nobody likes change, i'm sure it will be ok in tha end. My health is real pants now which is making things ten times worse, so as soon as i start picking up a bit again, i cen get my head oin gear and get something done.....but please keep playing that lottery, even though its only rarely lol! UK hugs :) xxx


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