End Of The Road


Hi, well this is an update and an au revoir all at the same time. There will be a track release for you to hear on Monday 3rd August "Jus Human" although don't listen to it if you don't like swears  & an E.P release exclusively via digital download  on Bandcamp for £3.99 on the 23rd August which will also include the clean radio edits and then the journey will come to an end.
Many years ago when I first became ill with M.E there were those in the medical profession from doctors to councillors who said that I needed to give up trying for a music career because  firstly  I would be too sick to fulfill the criteria needed to be a music artist and secondly the stress of that life style would only worsen my condition. 

Now from the moment  I slid  into the world and was able to use my lungs I sung and never shut up, just as soon as I could hold a pen I wrote songs worked hard and never lost the  hunger and passion to succeed, So I guess a mixture of stubbornness, delusion, naivety, and arrogance made me believe different, and I chose not to listen and battled on, taking all the health consequences that came with it.  When illness floored me I just waited til it allowed me back up again so I could continue, I was determined to  prove them wrong and also it felt as though the dream I'd had as a child was the only thing left that illness hadn't robbed me of or so I thought.
But they were  right, everyone was right. It may have taken all these years to finally admit, but hey, you should never get too old to admit when you're wrong. Hindsights a wonderful thing. If you buy a jam doughnut & there's no Jam you're gonna feel cheated and disappointed & In essence I'm just throwing my followers Jamless doughnuts. 

The music business is just that, a business, and  illness can bring limitations which aren't compatible for a music career or any career/business.  In truth I'm never going to taste the jam. If I'd been right and everyone else had been wrong we wouldn't be having this conversation.   Its not about losing my hunger, I think there will always be people like myself for which  music is who we are, it's in our DNA & not just something we  do,  but nothing lasts forever, I've spent many many  years working as hard as I possibly could to make it happen  but its evident that fate says it was never mean't to be. 

Of course the decision hurts and I'm sure will continue to do so, but I didn't want to keep going  just to end up a joke, or some sad old wannabe.  

So this is my Journeys end, I guess the lyrics that seem most apt at this point are from LionHart "Life doesn't always work out how you planned it".

But I  hope you're  enjoying the new track "Jus Human"  and equally enjoy the E.P later this month both lyrically and musically. I don't know what happens after that, but does anyone? I've only ever made music but Life is what it is,  maybe I'll take up tiddly winks who knows? 

But seriously, for those that showed support over the years, surfed the journey with me, thankyou so much. At least we gave it a shot. The accounts will stay up, but no longer in a music capacity just purely to continue supporting the other people I've been supporting. 

I wish you all a Good life, Luv, Good health and I hope you get to taste all the jam you want.
                                             Stay Blessed.
                                MC XXX


  1. ever since the first time I heard "low down dirty raw and street" I was hooked! so sad to hear of this news, but glad to have been along on the ride for part of the journey!

  2. Aw bummed to hear it MC. You have however proven those fIipping naysayers wrong - you have pubIished music, you are a writer and bIogger, you contribute hugeIy to the M.E community, you battIe iIIness stoicaIIy on a personaI IeveI, and tap into so many peopIes Iives on so many different IeveIs, and I for one am very gratefuI. I Iook forward to seeing which new paths open ahead of you hun and I hope your heaIth has a chance to stabIize or even make some gains. Be bIessed MC just as you have bIessed others. Peace and Iove. BeIIa

  3. Mc. Though I know little of rap/hip hop, personally I'd say that your melodies n vocal hooks are as good as any I have heard/any out there. As a music supervisor once said to me, "The only reason your songs are not out there on a grand scale is Not because they ain't good enough; they Are. It's simply who you know." Bravo, Mama Chill! I'm sure your irrepressible creative energy will surface in other avenues. That ride'll be interesting, I'm sure. :) You go, Girrrl! ArtieQ x

  4. I have always loved your creativity MC... regardless of fame and fortune, you have dropped some wonderful music on us, this "life go round" sure does throw stuff at us, but our music will live on.


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