Runnin On Empty...Again?

Hi  For those following my journey so far, you might already know the story? In which case feel free to depart and head back over to Facebook.... for those who don't?  This is what's been happening since the last Album back in 2011 & the reasonings for my musical absence and the decision to release 2015's E.P  Runnin On Empty properly......Sitting comfortably? 

So the first album "Nobody Wants To Know Ya When Ya Nobody" took 5 yrs to make due to a combination of poor health including Myalgic Encephalomylitis, Fibromyalgia and Osteoporosis & also finance, but with some motherly support and selling my rap/hiphop vinyl collection  it was finally released mid 2011 & I spent the rest of the year promoting it. 
I was still constantly writing and already had enough material for another album and so the recording process continued in 2012 and I hoped this time with the learning curve of  the first album I could manage my health better & speed things along .

Trying to do anything with  Myalgic Encephalomylitis (M.E) is always a challenge in itself  so when  my belly started swelling,  I just thought it was probably that or Fibromyalgia , but a trip to the docs for reassurance suddenly started a chain of events I hadn't been expecting . It turned out I had a mass the length of my torso, it was so  huge it was crushing my organs and  pushing  my bowel up into my chest. Very quickly I struggled  to just walk and breathe let alone rap and sing. At the hospital I was told it was probably cancer and to go home and put my house in order.
 Recording was put on hold while I was taken in for surgery,  but thankfully it turned out to be a complex benign tumour , however, the operation had been difficult and as they couldn't stop the bleeding they'd had to quite forcefully pack me out with surgical sponge. The next day I was still losing too much blood, drifting in and out of consciousness and  became tachycardic and had to have an emergency transfusion.  My chest and upper arm left side have been left permanently affected & it took about six months for me to get back into the studio, but what with the surgery impacting on the  other conditions I still didn't fully have my Mojo , so again it was a slow process. 
Then my producer announced he was  moving on, and although he was still mixing my tracks he was busy with the move  and setting up elsewhere so unfortunately it just delayed things further. As so much time had passed since i'd started the project, i'd fallen out of love with some of the tracks and decided to scrap them and just release an E.P instead and call it Runnin On Empty, appropriate considering the M.E & also the same name I was using as a Columnist for the Watford Observer. 

By 2015 the E.P was finally finished and ready for release  but then tragedy struck twice within a five month period, first my Brother took his own life and then my Sister was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was gone within 10 wks and left us all totally broken, and we've  been struggling to pick up the pieces ever since.

At the time I didn't have  the heart to release or promote the E.P  and  just put it on bandcamp without fuss. But since then I've lost a very dear friend at the end of  2016 , another at the beginning of 2017 and this week I have yet another funeral to attend of a special individual who had been a big part of my life and shared alot of the music journey. It sure makes you evaluate things, life goes quickly and I can't help feeling like a downhill skier with a stick of dynamite sparking out of my bottom now.
So seeing as the first album is on Itunes and Spotify and most other digital outlets, I  decided it was time to give the  Runnin On Empty E.P the launch it should've had, after all it's certainly been on a journey to get here. So it's now available to download from all the major digital outlets such as Itunes & Spotify   & I'm busy promoting it from a laptop in my bedroom. If you listen carefully to some of the tracks you can still hear the drop in energy between verses  & the exhaustion and breathlessness on the spits, but it is what it is.

With any challenges in life be it illness, loss, or other, we all still have a choice, to give up or go on, to be a lighthouse for others or stay lost & drifting in the dark. Making positive choices doesn't mean we hurt any less or that it's easy, but we all have the ability to still make a difference no matter our circumstances, and if we're blessed with life I believe we owe it to ourselves and others to try and make that difference?
                                         Thanks for reading
                                            Stay Blessed
                                                 Mc xxx

Track Listing:
1.Jus Human 
2.Tool Box
3.Give U-Jmoya Ft Mama Chill
5.Bus Stop 16
6.The World & His Wife
7.Music-Ft Minnie Birch
8.Jus Human (Explicit)
9.Tool Box (Explicit)
10. Tears (Explicit)
11.Bus Stop 16 (Explicit) 


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