On the Comeback Snail trail ?

 Oh boy, when I said I was making a comeback after 8yrs I didn't realise at this rate it could quite possibly take me another 8? Okay so slight exaggeration, but I really wasn't expecting so many setbacks and bumps in the road. Anyhow for those that have followed over the years you'll know I like to be honest and share the good the bad and the ugly part of my journey because for most of us life really isn't a perfect photo off Instagram. 🤣

I've been feeling quite poorly recently, well, more poorly than my usual M.E level of poorly, I've been trying to shift a bit of weight and chewing gum instead of snacking, but yesterday I had a light-bulb moment and checked the ingredients of both  Wrigley gum flavours and was shocked to see they both contained Aspartame. I normally do my best to avoid this because,  for those that don't know, it's been well documented over the years that this low calorie sweetener can cause a heap of problems, although low calorie it's 200 times sweeter than sugar and can cause sickness, dizziness, headaches and mood changes to name a few. This made me go check a Vegan jelly in the fridge that i'd started having over the last few weeks and sure enough that too contained Aspartame. I've now thrown Gum and jelly out and will just rest up and flush it out my system over the next few days and hope that will do the trick and I can get back to my normaL level of poorly?   🤣 
Then my producer,who is off work with a hand injury  contacted me to say next weeks studio session is also off because the hand hasn't healed yet. Although this means finishing off, mixing and mastering and releasing the comeback single is still on hold for now, his health takes priority and I've told him not to worry. So in the meantime I'm using  the time to  get more tracks musically prepared for when I get back into the studio, we'll then have about six on the go, so at this rate we may well be looking at a new MC album?  

Due to the Tunecore distrubutors error and me no longer being on any of the usual download/streaming sites, I quite liked the idea of keeping it like this and having Bandcamp as my sole place to be, it just means doing more work myself to promote and get things organised, so I stripped my Merch store bare and started again with a super duper improved quality print of my music logo, and I wanted to change the bio and some links etc before relaunching it, but nothing would update. I contacted the company last Monday, and unfortunately its one of those places where the same person doesn't stay on the case, I've so far spoken to two different people, but nobody has got back to me with any help or solution, despite me telling them the relaunch is on hold until I'm able to edit. So at this very moment it's looking like I'll have to ditch my Merch store, because if you guys are buying stuff and have a problem their bad customer service will reflect on me and obviously I want you to have a decent experience?  

So that's where I'm at at this moment in time, things are sent to try us and things don't always run smoothly, but I believe everything happens for a reason and so I try to laugh my way through life regardless (along with the odd blub of course) and that's a choice. We don't always get a say in what happens to us but we always have a choice on how we react right?  So thanks for your patience and the love and support, fingers crossed it won't be too long until the Comeback becomes a reality, at least I've got it started? 
                                                               Stay Blessed x



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