When Trust Breaks Down?

 Hey πŸ˜œ so the last post for a while and certainly the last one on this topic before I disappear for a bit, I just wanted to update you out of love & courtesy πŸ’œ. Sadly there will no longer be the imminent comeback or single release that I'd posted and teased about back in May,it will come but just not now, believe me i'm as gutted as I know some of you will be, having waited patiently in anticipation , I just hope you know how sorry I am?

Okay, where to start? There's no real blame, just different values and expectations. Having always worked in a pro environment I'd chosen what I thought was a local pro studio to take on my comeback project, we'd chatted because firstly it's important to share the project and plan, secondly it's got to be something they want to take on. From a personal perspective this was more than just about a project or music, it was about a very difficult journey that led me back to this point after a long time away, I shared all that which kinda makes me feel a bit of a Charlie now, but when you're working closely with a producer it can help to know the backstory to a project, after all they're not psychic. From what I've gauged since, few things I discussed were heard and very little listened to, again not necessarily a fault, but frustrating nonetheless when you've assumed you're working in a pro environment.

The project began at the start of May and all was going extremely well to the point i'd even designed the single cover and shared it on social media that the release was coming shortly, I'd also shared the post with the producer so he was aware. Then we hit June and he sustained a hand injury, health should always come first and the situation couldn't be helped, three weeks later he came back but wanted time to catch up, again I understood, then he was going to be busy with a studio event, again understandable, he said he was aiming on restarting my project the following week which brought us to the last week in July and he would be in touch,, it was still no problem with me apart from the fact that I was having to chase to find out what was happening, so I just asked that he please keep me in the loop. I didn't hear anything the following week, in fact I didn't hear anything again until the end of September, asking if i wanted to resume the project ?

I'm not gonna lie, I was cross, firstly because the planned release was now over for 2023, as most artists know it's not a good time to be releasing at the end of the year unless your Taylor Swift of course in which case she could fart and it would still get to number one🀣, and secondly I don't know any client that would be happy to start their project and just be dropped for three months. Like i started, it's not a fault or a blame, just different values and expectations that come from those values, I'm old school in every sense of the word, so with that in mind, for me it was very unprofessional and disrespectful and being a straight shooter I said so. His response was that he can't please everyone all of the time and he is in great demand, which i don't doubt, but I was only doing four hours a week in the studio before it all stopped, so not exactly all consuming leaving no time for anything else, plus why take on a project in the first place knowing what's expected if you're unable to handle the workload you have ? I've realized the work response is almost horizontal and it's just not how I work. It's a shame things have broken down as they have, it's certainly not what i expected and emotionally its hit hard because it took such alot for me to come back in the first place, so i'm going to take the financial loss on the chin and step away from the studio at this point for my own peace.

When someone treats you badly it's a reflection on them not you, we shouldn't take it on as part of our own story because it's not, it's theirs. Sure being let down or hurt doesn't feel good and we have the right to take time out to be angry, blub or whatever, but then we need to let it go and move on, not let it become a wound that stays on us and gets bigger over time, because then we're just fueling something that was never ours to take on in the first place. We can't control how others behave, that is for them and their story, but we do get to choose how we react. For the time being I'm meditating, reflecting and getting mentally and physically strong again, well...as strong as anyone with M.E can get ? I won't post again until there are good vibes to bring, but you know i'm never one to stay down for long? 🀣

So Chou For Now,

Until next time, look after each other, treat each other well, Big thanks for the love N support.

Love ya, stay Blessed πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ˜Žxxx


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