Songs and Nudey Bits

Just the other day when  seeing my lastest Facebook status was up by 1500 views compared to normal , my first thought was “Oh my god how depressing”

Probably Not the obvious reaction you’d  expect?   The difference between that post and all my other posts was the fact I had no clothes on, I’m naked in the bath..... you cant actually see anything, well not really, apart from a bare arm holding a  glass of Disarronno, and a bit of  a side view that doesn’t reveal anything that’s likely to get any  pulses  racing.

Nevertheless it still pulled in more views than any other posts……..except the one  a couple of years ago of my arse that I used for the cover of   “ I will always Luv U”  my rap twist on a classic, that I did for charity.  

I thought having the song title emblazoned on my left cheek would be a bit of laugh, and it appealed to my juvenile sense of humour, but again it had a huge reaction, nearly as huge as the arse in question. Mostly people were just curious to know if it was my arse, like I’d got a stand in or something, there were also the ones that wanted to know if I’d photoshopped it?

 I ended up copy and pasting the same reply over and over….Yes its my arse, no its not photoshopped,  my arse was getting more views than the song was getting played, I was even tempted at one point to set it up with its own Facebook page.

Back to the bath photo, it was just  a still taken from  a video that I’m filming for a track, but what it proved to me was that sex still sells whether its  for advertising a new toilet cleaner or a new song getting your kit off  still seems to be the biggest crowd puller.

It is what it is,  but I cant help feeling a tad  depressed  because its all too easy , it doesn’t  really matter how hard  you sweat on something or how awesome  a piece of work might be, it seems its  whoever’s  baring  the most flesh that will draw the most attention.
I’m not going to be a hypocrite, I do it myself,  if I see  a story with a pic of a bare chested guy with a nice rack I’m going to click on it,  I guess its human nature but there’s  a part of me that still doesn’t like it in the music business to the extent that it is now .
I’m not in the business of publicly slagging off other artists and I’m not about to start but we all know there are artists, mainly female who are plastered  all over the national papers  &  magazines, rollin out on the town  in nuthin but nipple tape and a pair of pants and I just think “ put it away” Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like men showing too much either, I’m no prude but I just think it should be about the talent and if you’re getting your clothes off purely to shock & draw attention, where do you go once you’ve flashed it all?

From the start of my career  I made it clear I wouldn’t be getting my kit off purely to sell a song, after all I’m a songwriter not an escourt,  I take my craft seriously, the public can only gage who you are by what you put out there, its not like they can sit and have a chat with you over a beer, so all they have to judge you on is image and content.  Thankfully most of my followers know that on the odd occasion I might get something out its done purely with humorous intention.

Its easy in youth to be cajoled into believing that getting  ya bits and bobs out will take you somewhere , but we dont stay young forever and whatever you do now will probably come back to bite you some day...yes..on that ass. Maybe when you're married, or have kids, or when you've become successful.  You have to ask yourself wether you want to get success because you created something awesome or it was because you got your kit off.  Sex and nudity will always  sell , that’s just the way it is and there’s nuthin wrong with  that but  You should always feel a sense of pride in what you're about to do, and if you don’t feel it, then don’t do it.

                                           Stay Blessed
                            Back Before Elvis
                              Mama Chill xxx


  1. Great blog and must admit I noticed your bath pic BUT not for the nudity but for the Disarronno (only my tipple would be a cheeky port). xxx :D


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