Do  you ever have those times where everything  goes wrong?...yep? Good then you’ll understand when I say that’s exactly what’s happening right now Re the video to new track Scratch N Sniff.  So I thought I’d update you…..

I’ve reached  mega green hulk like proportions as far as
frustration goes. I’d scheduled the video to be done, dusted and released in May, all the filming was done it just had to be edited. I was using Windows Movie Maker  but quickly discovered its  the biggest load of shite I have ever had the misfortune of working with.

Growing up  the elders always told me   “If sumthin sounds too good to be true, then it usually is, so don’t be fooled”.  Windows Mover Maker was free   it was already on my laptop, why miss out on an opportunity like this, why pay for some other software when this one was here, free, staring me in the face?

Because it seemed too good to be true and I was fooled obviously. The problem is it keeps crashing, it keeps jamming, it keeps freezing, it keeps knocking out transitions and timings. I have spent hours, days months trying to sort this out to no avail. I’ve trouble shooted, I’ve done everything google, forums and every other Tom Dick N Harry have suggested I do, but it hasn’t worked so…….brain wave, I thought I’d publish it and see if it righted itself. Apparently this often happens…….not in my case it seems, everytime I publish it, it  comes out different with different clips missing, and every time you play it back the problems changed ,bottom line is its not releasable in the unstable state its in,  so now I’ve got to convert the video into another format, find another video editing programme and then split it all again and basically start from scratch. ( no pun intended)

I could give up?……not really an option. I could get someone else to sort it?.....not really an option, I prefer to finish what I start, so for now I remain green and hulk like with frustration I guess until I eventually get  it sorted. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be in a band coz then there would plenty of band members hopefully with brains that would swoop in with cloak like super heroness and fix it, instead of just technomuppet me.

So please keep everything crossed that I will eventually get further than the trailer, and cheers for your patience, luv ya, stay blessed  Mama Chill XXX



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