Singing In Chilly Underpants Leaves Me Cold

What an earth is it with all this vocal gymnastics? It used to be limited to a mainly USA thing but now its everywhere.

Don’t get me wrong, I cant sing ….. no, really, I cant sing. That might be a funny thing for a music artist to say but I’ve always been upfront about my abilities….or lack of them.
I’m even walking on dodgy ground when it comes to rapping. I’m a songwriter who gets away with recording songs, end of……phew so that’s cleared up then.

But vocal gymnastics seems to be on tha increase, in fact its gone into overkill, every singer, male and female seem to think their Christina aguilera  when tha truth is it takes great skill to be able to sing like that & very few people can pull it off well, so its getting on my wick to be honest.

Recently I’ve been watching tha TV show “The voice” and they’ve been coming out one after tha other like lemurs commiting mass suicide sounding as if someones poured a bag of ice cubes down their underpants, some of tha oooooohs & aaaaaaahs wouldn’t  sound amiss on a Carry On film, but its not just “The Voice”, most artists today seem hell bent on vocal aerobics,   to tha point where I’ve found myself  shouting at tha TV  “For F******************ks sake just sing tha song”

See, for me, some of tha best songs are those that are sung simply, it's about being different, having a uniqness & not all songs lend themselves to wanting or needing a vocal rollercoaster & if tha singer cant pull it off, which most cant, it just sounds like........well,  they've had a tray of ice cubes tipped down their underpants.

Like I said, when its done well its sounds fantastic, Beyonce being a classic example, that woman could sing tha phone book and still make it sound awesome but unfortunately not everyones Beyonce.  It’s great in small doses but I don’t want to hear it throughout an entire song.

 But seeing as vocal gymnastics is becoming tha norm, I have a tray of ice cubes  setting in tha freezer and tomorrow I will get out my Big pants  & give it a go…but don’t expect to see it on Youtube any time soon. 

So what are your views  on singing today, do you like tha way its done, does it matter? do you like
vocal gymnastics? Tell me what you think?   Stay Blessed, Back Before Elvis


  1. I agree Stacy.....its getting ridiculous how they all try to squish different vocal methods into one song in an attempt to prove they can be more than a one trick pony.......Okay some husky voices or high pitched singers are talented but not all....some sound like theyre trying to break windows, and the Minnie Mouse style fake baby squeaky thing is just that..... soooooo fake lol..... and can be done by anyone really. Real talent is going unnnoticed in all this competitive crapp......Real musicians deserve more credit than the karaoke belters of which there are way too many copying various artists styles n cramming them into one song.....Real musicians are unique, not always really loud and brash,usually sound different, write their own lyrics and / or music and often play musical instruments well or come up with their own melodies etc......So called judges have their own biased likes too, so its a bit unfair to a lot of great talent on all these mad shows.

  2. Yep its a personal thing I guess Lori, its like gospel singing, i love it when its done right..or right in my personal opinion lol! I cringe when they start shouting, it stops being singing and is purely a wall of shouty sound, there are those that CAN sing gospel & CAN do vocal trickery without over kill and it sounds great. It just seems everytime i put on the telly lately or tha radio someones shouting or attempting vocal trickery with an epic fail, sometimes i just like a song sung straight, and you're right, i'm obvioulsy o a lot of music sites and i've discovered some fantastic artists/bands that will probably never get tha spotlight they deserve, but hey thats the music industry :) xxx


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