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Sometimes I really have to question my sanity, and none more so than now. As some of you will know, regarding tha last album I stuck a sung hiphop type gospel track on called “SAY” Featuring tha Watford Gospel Arts Manna Choir
 I wasn’t sure whether it would sit well with tha rap and more explicit stuff or wether people would get why I’d stuck it on tha album, but they seemed to and it went down well.  

So I’ve decided to stick two on tha new album. Now what with my producer purchasing a new studio in London Westpoint studios and heading off any time this month, I’m trying to get the recording side of things finished before he moves, so trying to undertake this challenge was a big ask considering I was hoping to get some of tha choir to join me on tha trax again. 

And I’m excited to confirm that they will be joining me in tha studio this Tuesday . Seeing as they only heard a rough guide version of them on Friday it’s a lot to ask of them, but I’m confident they’ll pull it off. Tha other exciting news is radio presenter Nia Visser is going to join us.

When tha first album was released & Nia invited me onto her  Watford Raw Vibes show on vibe1076 I remembered her commenting on how she would have liked to have been part of tha choir on “SAY”, so it seemed only fitting to invite her to have tha opportunity to do exactly that on these two trax. But as well as her Vibe show she also works at   BBC Introducing three counties & because it was such short notice I wasn’t sure she’d be able to come along but her very generous bosses  have said she can have tha time off to join us.

I’ve been sat this weekend trying to work out some nice gospel stylee harmonies but I’ve also invited the choir members to have their own input too, so it will be a mash of ideas on tha day, some will work, some wont, but we’ll give it a shot and hopefully end up with something awesome.

I have four carrier bags full of snacks to keep everyone fuelled up, aswell as squeezy honey and fresh lemons to keep their throats lubricated and protected, Its been absolutely ages since I’ve seen them so it’s going to be really cool to be together again.

I’ve instructed Shane to have three Weetabix that morning, his gonna need it with so many women gathered…although choir member Colin will be there so although outnumbered he wont be alone.

Because of  living with tha illness M.E and tha mega limitations & daily problems it brings this has been a huuuuuuuuge undertaking, my brain is like marshmallow at the moment and i'm feeling like crap, hence me questioning my sanity , but at tha end of tha day its coming together and that’s what matters, its actually happening. To have done it once on tha first album was  a dream, to be doing it again is just more than I could have ever hoped for, but I guess it just goes to prove that no matter what illness, disibility or other challenges that I, you & everybody else have to face, anything is possible as long as you don’t give up.  Stay Blessed :) xxx


  1. Great news and good on Nia and her bosses! Really looking forward to the new album :-) xox


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