Music- What's in a Name?

So whats ya name? have you tried googling it to see if there’s lots of “YOU” out there.

If you put in your real name unless its sumthin really obscure like “Atlas Galactupus  Kirk Homer Lazzard” you’ll find there’s lots of “YOU” out there.

Being “ME” only became a problem with the introduction of technology . It naively came as a shock when I tried to sign up to tha first popular social networking site as “stacy hart”  a message came back that tha name had already been taken………..Huh?    

It was only then I began to realise there were actually loads of “ME” out there, I was a lawyer, a photographer, a financial advisor, a seamstress, and it was only when the national newspapers started ringing our house  asking to talk with me about my latest film I realised I was also  an actress.

I’m not sure who was most disappointed to find out I wasn’t her, them or me.

Anyhow it was no good being “ME” if I couldn’t use my name to sign up to all tha popular sites so I had to come up with another name. It’s a looooong story which is way too complicated to reveal in a blog but tha bottom line is eventually tha name “Mama Chill” was born.  Having realised how easy it was for there to be loads of “YOU” out there in tha world I typed “Mama Chill” in tha search engine…nuthin, just similar references like 
“ LLCool J -Mama Said Knock You Out”

I searched about twenty pages to make sure I wasn’t about to step on anyone elses toes. While they say tha music business is a cut throat one where you do what you have to do to succeed including stepping on other people, I believe it only has to be that way if you want it to be.

Everyone measures success differently, for some
its being rich in tha material, for others like myself its about being rich in tha spiritual. I wouldn’t purposely hurt another for self gain, that’s not right or wrong, but its right for me.

So  I started signing up to all tha sites, showing up in searches and continued building  tha name and following , when three years later  a single dad decided to call himself by tha same name, set himself up on a blog site and also purchased tha  dot com name.  At first I was saddened, but then you can only ever control your own actions and do what you believe is right regardless of what’s going on around you. Then lots of other people started using tha name for their sites too or changing their original one to sound more like mine so they’d start showing up in my searches, it was like a free for all.

Recently  tha male Mama Chill gave up tha dot com name and has added an “S” on the end of tha name & purchased tha  dot com and tha brokers got in touch to ask what I’m prepared to pay for  tha mama chill dot com name? I wasn’t gonna be pressured into paying big bucks so I said I’d givem a hundred quid for it, I guess they weren’t impressed as they never came back, its now under auction until February 2014 and bidding is already up to about a grand with sites promoting it as a great brand name.

Before you ask……? Nope I’m not gonna be buying it any time soon, & good luck to tha person who gets it……..As for being worried?.....Nah....

 …..You know where to find tha original.

                            Stay Blessed 
                            Back before Elvis
                            Mama Chill XXX


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