Update & Info Time :)

Hey, it’s been awhile so as promised here’s a lil update for ya. Things haven't been too great on the health front but you should never let illness define you or hold ya back, just focus on your abilities rather than your disibilities. So moving swiftly on, the mixing and mastering of trax is nearing the end, I’ve had  more setbacks than Twitter followers but I’m  getting there and I’m looking forward to releasing the New album early part of 2015
 I can tell you it will be called “Don’t Say Nuthin If It Ain’t Worthwhile”  & will have 13 trax on it, but firstly a single will be released in January called “Tears” and I’m busy filming the video right now.      
Although if you tune into Raw Vibes on a Sunday with Nia Visser 7-9pm http://www.vibe1076.co.uk/ you may just get to have a sneaky listen of  one or two  trax over the coming weeks.

As well as my Mama  chill merch store  http://wwwmamachill.dizzyjam.com/  
I’ve also opened another one under the name of Runnin On Empty http://runninonempty.dizzyjam.com/ 
and all profit from this store goes to charity, I also have  FB  https://www.facebook.com/RunninOnEmptee1?ref=hl  and Twitter https://twitter.com/RunninOnEmptee under the same name….

Plus, I also have a column at the Watford Observer newspaper every Friday Morning under the same name, and I put the link up on FB & Twitter if you add me on these you can come join me every Friday, it’s general chit chat about anything and everything, observations, my week in general, music and living life with illness. 

I like to help other artists/bands if poss with info, at the end of the day if you’re meant to have your time it will happen regardless of whether you share the info or keep it all to yourself  lol! That’s how I like to roll anyhow, so no matter your genre if you haven’t read Bob Bakers Guerrilla music marketing encore edition then I would highly recommend you do so. 
http://bob-baker.com/buzz/guerrilla-music-marketing-handbook/ Not everything’s going to apply to you but  as an Indie artist its full of great tips and advice,  Not long after meeting my producer, he told me about this book, I was sceptical having  read lots of pointless books before, but this was different and I’ve gone on to read more of his stuff.

If you’re  a rap/hiphop artist then you really need to head over to this site
http://www.praverb.net/ the guys a genius, not only is he a music artist himself  “Praverb” but he takes the strain out of you looking around for music help & advice by not only writing a blog but also having loads of helpful info and sites and links that are  constantly updated, its truly amazing and this is one unselfish dude.

Well that’s it from me for now, thanx for all the Luv N Support J XXX


  1. <3 Looking forward to the new album,stay blessed matey XxX


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