UPDATE: EP Launch Delay

1. Jus Human 
2. ToolBox 
3  Give U-Jmoya ft MamaChill
4 .Tears
5. Bus Stop 16
6. The World & His Wife 

Hey Lionharts & Chillsters, apologies on a slight delay with dropping the EP.
The Runnin On Empty EP, will drop  next weekend now and not tomorrow as planned. With everything that's been going on,  I'm traipsing through a thick fog like a fart in a trance, so even with  working my ass off there's no way humanly possible i'm going to get it dropped tomorrow as planned.

There's only one of me...which is a good thing coz the world couldn't handle two i'm sure. I don't have management or anything, which I prefer because I get to control what I do and how and It means I get to have a more personal connection & banter with all of you sharing the journey . But the downside means I have to sort everything myself & while I'm usually disciplined & focused in the main, since my brothers death  I've just lost my mojo & now with the news of my sister its like I'm an ant  at the bottom of a  huge crater looking up at life spinning outta control and not being able to do anything that's going on.  I'm kinda cross with myself because i'm a no excuses kinda girl and believe in getting on with the job in hand whatever, but hey, there ya go.        

Shit, i'm rambling lol!  so, anyhow I'm cracking on best I can,  and it will defo be ready for next weekend, and I hope you'll  think it was worth the wait, Til then  Soz once again & thanks for the love and patience.  :)
                    Boom ! and i'm outta here
                           and back on it.
                        Stay Blessed MC XXX


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