Doing it For M.E?

Hey, seeing as it's been awhile and I promised not to write unless I had some positive  news to share with you....            Ta da! 🤪  As some of you will know it's been a pretty awful time as far as trying to get a track recorded 🤣 And In the run up to Mays M.E awareness month, I've been trying to get it done to release as a free download before International M.E day on 12th May. While i'm starting to produce my own Music I'm still at the early stages and certainly not the skillz to mix and master,...

and then my good ol mum just happened to say "Why don't you contact Shane?" Those who've followed from the off will know the Uber talented Shane Shanahan as the producer of my album "Nobody wants to know ya when ya nobody", EP "Runnin On Empty" and subsequent singles in-between.

As it's been a decade (How the hell has it been that long? 😲 ) I wasn't sure he'd even remember me let alone be able to come to the rescue at such short notice as he's a pretty busy chap these days. I emailed with the project, and turns out he did remember me AND he is going to help make it happen, so i'm dead excited that finally things are on track, It's what happens when you work with professionals and I could have saved myself alot of energy and heartache if I'd gone this route in the first place, ain't hindsight a wonderful thing? But at least now I feel I'm back where I belong, On a down note my health has been pretty appalling, mainly with the pain, again as some of you who follow will know, including the reasoning, I take no medication apart from paracetamol, relying mainly on yogic methods such as breathing techniques and meditation so it's been extremely tough and I'm just praying I can make it to the studio & have enough breath to spit the lines when I'm there.

I will keep ya posted, but just know the track "The M.E Scandal" is on it's way. The original comeback single "Book" will still be recorded at a later date & still be the official comeback single but I've had to push it back as raising M.E awareness is so important to me. Thanks heaps for the love and support, the likes, the shares, the comments, nothing is taken for granted, I've always felt hugely blessed to have you on board sharing this journey, so Love Ya, Stay Blessed 🙏 💜 😎 xxx


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